"Serah is Lightning's younger sister. Possessing an inner fortitude beyond her years, she is more than capable of making decisions on her own, whatever her somewhat overprotective sister might think."

Independent RP account for Serah Farron

Face Claim || AnnaSophia Robb

{ Do not use some of the icons or gifs on this page as some are made by me and I would like if you ask for my permission first if you would like to use them. }


I remade Serah on a new account! Finally back!


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outofcharacter;; These are all the Serah icons made by me. Since I’m no longer playing Serah, I might as well let everybody use them.

BUT STILL CREDIT ME. It doesn’t need to be this account that you credit, but credit either this account (simplyserah) or katnisscroft, which is my personal account.


[ I have always thought you enjoyed RPing her back then. Because that’s what I’ve seen before. :/ Not even if you tried doing a fresh start of her wouldn’t help? But I guess… if that is what you want… It was great seeing you improved. ]

outofcharacter;; I’ve already tried millions of times to do a fresh start.. Each time I write her it’s just a chore, boring. That starter I was trying to do today was a fresh start, but it still was boring to write. I just…I can’t RP her any more and that’s it.

I’ve reached my limit with how many times I’ve done this.


[ So, apparently, you have gotten bored RPing her now. oTL Or maybe you aren’t trying hard enough and just feel like you don’t want to do it anymore? I don’t know. Why don’t you give her something more? Make her fun or anything. ]


outofcharacter;; She is fun, just not my type of fun. At first I only made Serah so I could join Final Drive. I wanted to play a female character from XIII. Lightning was already taken, Vanille was too bubbly and Fang was too…Fang. I was absolutely terrible but I advanced as I played her more, she was really just a dummy to get my skills better. So then I tried new muses, and they were actually much more enjoyable than Serah, but because I was in debt with millions of replies I though I had to come back. A few times I managed to leave but I kept coming back because I felt I would lose followers and they would hate me. It was always a chore to RP here, but I never said anything to be nice. Sometimes she got a few exciting RPs going on, but that was with twins only really and my self-confidence of RPing Serah dropped. 

I leave but come back for my followers and that’s it.

Not me. I don’t come back for me.

I’ve tried millions of times to make her more exciting in each and every RP, but it always got dull in the end purely because Serah is predictable. I write it to make it seem like both Serah and I are happy to be back, but I never was. And now I’m here, finally making a decision to delete.

Serah was always a test, always just a way to make my writing better. Now that it is, I’m moving on. I’m not sticking around if I’m bored of her.



outofcharacter;; Okay, I just can’t RP Serah any more. I’m able to write her and the muse is there, but I feel no enjoyment when writing her. So there’s no point in writing something that bores me. RPing’s for excitement, and to write when it bores you is no point.

I’ll give you my Lara account since that’s my new main and I’ll reblog this a few times, but after a week this entire account is getting deleted. I’m not staying on this account, because why play a character you’ve never actually liked in the first place? I literally have no idea how I’ve stayed here for so long, but finally being able to not need to come back here is actually really good for me.

It’s not you guys, it’s my muse.

Lara account is: gradualstrength

Hit me up with RPs there!


[ Maybe you need more different interactions here in this blog or something. Or replay the game again? ]

outofcharacter;; It’s not that I don’t have a muse or anything, I just don’t find it fun to RP as her at all. It doesn’t matter about who I RP with, because it’s the muse that bores me. I can write her perfectly well, just like every muse I’ve come across. It’s boring to write Serah. Simple as that.


It was so nice to be back.

The smiles on everybody’s faces, the salty air, the sand already seeping into her toes. Nothing had changed, and it was probably the best thing in the world. A break from everything was what she needed, and now she was back feeling totally new, free from any responsibilities. Although she knew she would need to get back to work as soon as possible, even that brought a smile to her face. Serah was a totally new person, yet still exactly the same. Just like everything else. That small amount of relaxation was enough for her, better than anything in the world.


outofcharacter;; Yeah…actually it still feels boring to write Serah, sorry. I can’t do this, although she’s a nice character, it’s just…I’ve played her for too long, I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted the muse. I can write, it’s just not fun to do so.

Sorry…I did say this was just an experiment, and as I wrote the thing above the line, I just didn’t feel any excitement or happiness. It just feels boring and like a chore. It’s the same thing over and over again with Serah, and I just can’t do that.



outofcharacter;; Yeah, hi. I think I’m going to have one more shot at RPing Serah, but this will just be an experiment. If I still don’t like RPing as her, it’s likely I’ll actually delete the blog to make sure I can’t come back. But if I do…then I won’t be around much because of three other accounts which are my main priority now. However, I will still be around as much as I can for replies! One more shot and let’s hope it works! I really want some threads going so I won’t need to delete…

This RP account is back up and running!


ooc. I’ve made a decision, and I’m shutting Serah down again, this time for real. I just don’t find it fun to RP as her any more, sorry. Not deleting the account, but there will be no RPs going on whatsoever. This is because if anybody wishes to read past RPs then they can. If you want to follow my other accounts to keep in touch with me, I’ll do it now.

New main RP account: compassionatealien

Lumina RP account (dormant, but will be active once Lightning Returns is out): mischievousxlumina

Personal account: madnessandsunshine

Diary account(where my thoughts will be kept): madnessandsunshinediary


ooc. So I’ve figured out that it’s not that my muse has vanished and isn’t coming back, it’s more like I don’t want to play Serah any more. And that was the reason why I was supposed to kill her off in the first place. But the reason why I came back is because I’ve had Serah for about a year and a half(ish) and it’s hard to let her go. I dunno, I just don’t find it fun RPing as her any more, but I also feel as though if I let Serah go I’m letting people down. I don’t know what to do.